Building the Internet of Things from the ground up.

ioBridge Labs is where we tinker on our own projects at ioBridge. We spend at least 20% of our time on new ideas and working with our own technology.


ThingSpeak is an open source "Internet of Things" platform for storing and retrieving data using HTTP commands. ThingSpeak also includes a suite of applications designed for making "social things". This cloud service is open to anyone and can be used with many devices, robots, and things. Visit for more information.




Imagine millions of lights connected together. CheerLights is a project that enables people all around the world to link lights and applications together based on social networking trends. Visit for more information.



Tide Alerts

Don't want to be stuck in the mud? Tide Alerts is a project developed by ioBridge to monitor and report tide levels in real-time using low-cost, battery-powered sensors connected to ioBridge cloud services. Users can see current and historical charts, contribute their own data, and set customizable email notifications so you know exactly when to get your boat back to the dock without getting stuck in low water levels. Visit for more information.


ioBridge Tide Alerts Project