Apply ioBridge technology to solve your professional applications

Professional Applications

Applications of ioBridge’s technology are broad and include; industrial automation, power generation, energy management, building automation, medical systems, consumer products, utility and environmental monitoring.


Patent-pending ioBridge technology is modular and customizable and provides an end-to-end solution of interfacing monitor and control modules and cloud-based applications and services. Our hardware and software components can be easily and cost-effectively used to web-enable anything from simple temperature sensors to sophisticated HVAC systems.


If your application would benefit from interacting with other devices or requires remote control and monitoring please contact us to discuss how we can help you.


ioBridge Pro Platform


ioBridge IO-204-PRO in option case

Professional Products & Services

IO-204-PRO Module

The IO-204-PRO module includes features designed specifically for professional applications. The major difference between the DIY focused IO-204 module and the IO-204-PRO includes a professional server with uptime commitments, custom sensor scaling with Expression Builder, and enhanced hardware functionality.


ioBridge IO-204-PRO monitor and control module plus internet gatway


Professional Case Studies

Cranberry Bog Automation, Control, and Monitoring



Featured Pro Application

Aleka Design created an energy monitoring system for the Tana T6 Water Dispensing Machine. With the data collected, Aleka was able to provide their customer detailed information about product usage and ideas for enhancement.


Are you doing something amazing with ioBridge technology? Let us know and we will feature your application here.



Getting Started with ioBridge

No matter what phase you are in with your product, there are many ways to get started with ioBridge. You can evaluate our technology with the IO-204 or IO-204-PRO modules which include free web services.


If your product or service would benefit from interacting with other devices or requires remote control and monitoring, please contact us to discuss how we can help you.


Demo Web Application

The ioBridge platform can be used to develop a diverse range of web applications that work on computers and mobile devices. Visit our Tide Alerts Demo to view a simple sample application.

Evaluation Modules

To gain a sense of what our technology is capable of we recommend buying one of our IO modules from our online store and following one of our example tutorials.

Getting Started

If you want to discuss, your application with ioBridge, please contact us. We can share with you how to create a web-enabled product and Internet application very quickly.