Products to internet-enable things easily and cost-effectively.

Whether you are a manufacturer, professional or casual user, ioBridge's technology is designed to make it cost effective and easy for everyone to internet-enable almost anything. Click here to see how easy it is to get started.

Sensors and Actuators

Off-the shelf sensors and actuators (controls) that enable customers to sense or monitor things like temperature and humidity and to control things like lights. » View Sensors and Actuators


Sensors and Actuators Powered by ioBridge Control power outlets with the PowerSwitch Tail ioBridge Temperature Sensor


Web Gateways

Low-cost modules or web gateways to easily connect ioBridge provided or third-party sensors, switches, and other devices to the Internet.The module connects to the internet without customers having to change router settings and customers can also control things locally (whether or not the internet connection is working). » View Web Gateways


ioBridge IO-204     


Cloud Services

Free web dashboard technology that enable even casual users to monitor and control things remotely over the internet without writing complicated software. Customers configure their dashboards using simple wizards and drag-and-drop display elements on their dashboard page. Features such as the ability to scale raw measurements and present them in other units are available as an additional option. ioBridge also offers multi-page custom branded dashboards to professional users. » View Cloud Services


Dashboard for ioBridge


Mobile Apps

ioBridge Mobile Apps by ioBridge and third-party developers make it easy to access ioBridge monitor and control widgets from smartphones and tablets. » View Mobile Apps


iPhone app for ioBridge Widgets