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Things Unite

The Internet of Things is a network of things such as household appliances, oranges, or books. Things normally don't have a voice and exist in a disconnected world by themselves. They can't normally tell us anything about their quantity, expiration date, and operational status. What if you knew when every device in your house turned on and turned off? If you knew that info, we could figure out power use or calculate efficiencies or discover things that are not supposed to be on at a given time. Conceptually the Internet of Things is trying to give the things a voice allowing one thing to talk to another thing - allowing things to speak. If we tap into the conversations we can plug their world into the Web. At this point the things have access to web services, we have access to their info - setting the stage for remote control and monitoring.

The ioBridge IO-204 is a gateway for things to connect to resources on the web. You can have your toaster use twitter. You can data log your power usage by appliances and remotely troubleshoot medical systems.

ioBridge: A complete end-to-end solution for remote monitoring and control of devices

The technology behind ioBridge allows you to interact with, control, and monitor any device via the Internet. We have created a platform for the Internet of Things that is easy-to-use, low-cost, and secure. You can get started right-now with our off-the-shelf products or build custom applications, products, and services on top of our platform. We emphasize complete solutions - everything from embedded devices to a scalable software platform.

The ioBridge Internet of Things Platform

We can web-enable anything

If you have a project or a new product that requires Internet interactivity, contact us to create your web of things. We are partnering with companies and developers to bring things online. Our services include custom hardware engineering, integration, and web application / portal design all built upon our real-time web platform.