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Getting a Microcontroller Online

There are some projects that require a microcontroller. Today's favorite microcontroller is the Arduino. One of the original intents for ioBridge was to webify microcontrollers - we have built the IO-204 to act as a gateway to the Internet. Our early system from 1999 put a Parallax Basic Stamp online, which gave it access to web data and to web applications, way back before we called them web applications.

Using a serial link between the ioBridge IO-204 and an Arduino, you can now give the Arduino access to the world wide web. Since we have had our system in place, users have connected the two together via the Serial Smart Board. It's rather easy and painless. You also don't have to worry about setting up the network connection, DHCP, and ports, since the IO-204 does that for you. That saves a ton a program space on the Arduino to allow you to focus on what it does best and leave the Internet-side to what the IO-204 does effortlessly.

Once connected, you now have the web in the palm of your hands. Send email, update a social network like Twitter or Facebook, and access web services and APIs of your choice. The IO-204 becomes the router for your microprocessor.

ioBridge System


Using the ioBridge infrastructure is secure and reliable. The IO-204 is a piece of networking equipment that solves network configuration pains. The base module has built-in digital and analog I/O connectivity with 4 open channels. Extending the module with the Serial Smart Board opens up the Internet to the Arduino via a web service API which is easy to use. The IO-204 replaces the need to have a web server or host computer running 24/7.

The ioBridge IO-204

The IO-204 may be a place for you to begin if you are interested in creating things that use social networks or projects that require remote monitoring. The idea behind the IO-204 is to be simple and easy to use and be the fastest way to get a thing online. The "programming" is done via web wizards. There are APIs to do more complex monitoring and controls and allows you to integrate into third-party web services and applications. Visit the ioBridge Store for more details and ways to purchase the IO-204 and the Serial Smart board necessary to bring your microcontroller projects online.

Module IO-204ioBridge Serial Smart Board