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Click a Button, Turn On Light

X10 has been around a long time. It's a protocol that allows you to control outlet modules via power lines in your house. When we built the IO-204, one of the things we wanted to do was to control these X10 modules on a web page or mobile phone. X10 modules control appliances, outlets, and lights.

Here is what is required to control X10 modules over the Internet:

  • X10 Modules

  • PSC04 Controller (ioBridge is an authorized reseller of X10 controllers)

  • ioBridge X10 Smart Board

  • ioBridge IO-204 Ethernet Module

  • X10 Cable (included with purchase of the X10 Smart Board)

You can create widgets by clicking through a wizard on the interface. A widget allows for a few things. You can put the widget on your secure dashboard, an external website, or use as the interface to web application. A widget takes care of the X10 protocol for a particular X10 Pro module. All you have to do it click to turn on your lights.

ioBridge also has Action and Events. These allow you to control the X10 modules when conditions are met. For example, when someone walks up to your door, a light turns on as a result. You can also connect a temperature probe to the IO-204 and when the temperature gets high, the ioBridge actions kick on a fan module.

Social network integration is also possible. Control your relays by sending a Tweet. Check out Matt's Office.

Automation is now very easy to setup using your X10 control modules. Extend the use out of the X10 equipment you might already have in your house by web-enabling with ioBridge.

X10 Video Demo

Cygnet Engineering posted a quick video demonstration of controlling your lights using ioBridge and X10. Check out the blog for more detailed information.

Here is a video demonstration of creating a control widget for X10 control:

The ioBridge IO-204

The IO-204 may be a place for you to begin if you are interested in automating your house with X10 control modules and relays. The fastest way to control lights, outlets, and appliances remotely. The idea behind the IO-204 is to be simple and easy to use and be the fastest way to get a thing online. The "programming" is done via web wizards. There are APIs to do more complex monitoring and controls and allows you to integrate into third-party web services and applications. Visit the ioBridge Store for more details and ways to purchase the IO-204, X10 Smart Board, and the X10 PSC04 controller to control your lights and outlets via the web.

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